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I started Polymorph wherein my job involves heading product and providing strategic direction to the company. In previous life, I was a grad student at UC Berkeley wherein I was focusing on the area of Human Computer Interaction. My grad school research turned into Polymorph. 

How to pronounce my name?

I have encountered that my name is particularly difficult to pronounce for non-Indian languages speakers. Here's the guide to pronounce my name - 

Pronunciation: DHA + wuhl

Tips: Pronounce "Dha" as in "the" with stress on "h". Followed by "wal" as in "wall" but less stress on initial high rising "wa" of "wall" 

My name is Sanskrit word for color white. It also signifies peace and tranquility.

Random facts about me - 

- In year 2006, I was also the co-winner of the Time magazine's "Person of the Year". :)

- Ducktales and Mogli used to be my favorite cartoon shows

- I love general knowledge quizzes

- I love bright colors

- As a kid I was never a big fan of chocolates. I happen to be now..