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What will happen if there is no net neutrality in India?

Couple of days ago, India's one of the largest telecom operator flagrantly violated Net Neutrality. Majority of Indians do not have access to Internet in India. However, smartphone usage is growing exponentially. Thus, lot of people are experiencing the wonders of Internet for the first via their smartphone. An Internet is the single greatest empowering technology of our time, and it's control should not be at the mercy of telecom operators in India. Net Neutrality ensures that the telecom operators do not get to control the Internet. I created following infographic to understand the consequences of absence of Net Neutrality in India. I took an inspiration similar infographic that was posted to Reddit few years back.

Net Neutrality in India

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Age of Upgrade

Joshua Topolsky on how far has technology progressed in last few years:

Smartphone adoption in this country has grown to 64 percent. Eighty percent of new mobile-phone buyers choose a smartphone. Only six years ago, the vast majority of people had no idea that a phone could do anything other than make a phone call. The concept of "apps" did not exist at all. The idea of using a phone as a GPS unit or a camera was laughable.

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